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UK retailers suffer ‘summer slump’ as footfall falls once again

Shoppers turned away from UK high streets in droves last month, as footfall plummeted to its worst June figures for seven years.

Footfall across shopping areas fell by 2.9% for the month, as the retail downturn accelerated from 0.9% decline in the same month last year. This announcement, along with recent news that many large retailers are having to close their stores, suggests that consumer trends have changed and the high street needs to adapt to these changes.

Will Broome, CEO and Founder of retail tech app Ubamarket, commented on the announcement: "This week’s announcement of falling retail figures should encourage retailers both large and small to innovate and advance their in-store offerings and prioritise enhancing every customer’s experience when they shop in bricks and mortar stores. Although online shopping is convenient, our research has proven time and time again that a vast majority of customers still prefer to shop in-store. That being said, bricks and mortar retail doesn’t currently meet the expectations of modern shoppers and new technology is not just an improvement at this point but a necessity."

Believing the high street is doing itself a disservice by expecting time-pressed shoppers to abide by outdated systems, Will adds: "UK consumers value their local high streets and it is only by improving the level of service offered on the high street that retailers will be able to usher in a new era of bricks and mortar shopping.”

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