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UK’s largest pub chain earns Blue Fish label

The 6 million fish and chip meals served a year at JD Wetherspoons can be enjoyed with a clear conscience after the national pub chain received MSC certification.

The move means JD Wetherspoon can now use the MSC ‘Blue Fish’ label on its cod and haddock, assuring customers that the fish sold has been caught using sustainable methods. It also means it can be traced back to the fishermen who caught it.

Commenting on the pub chain’s commitment to sustainable sourcing, JD Wetherspoon’s head of food, Jameson Robinson, said: “We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best quality food with equally good provenance. It is important to us that we serve sustainable seafood in our pubs and are delighted to have been recognised for this by the MSC with its ‘Blue Fish label.’ Our customers and staff expect the highest level of standards from us, and that includes serving sustainably sourced seafood at all times.”

George Clark, MSC senior commercial manager, said: “This is a tremendous milestone for the foodservice industry. We have seen a significant increase in the availability of MSC certified seafood in the UK and as a result, more and more key foodservice brands are committing to using traceable and sustainable seafood. Serving fully traceable and certified sustainable fish is crucial to delivering a trusted seafood offering to UK diners. Savvy diners want a sustainable seafood meal, that is caught in a responsible way and backed up with evidence that it is what it says on the menu.”

Research this year commissioned by the MSC revealed that 81% of people who eat fish and seafood regularly outside the home demand independent certification and ecolabelling on menus to verify sustainability claims.

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