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Unsung hero...

Name: Sammy Ranger

At: The Village Fish & Chips, Beckenham, Kent

Job title: Chef 

Age: 22

Nominated by: Serena Bracken, manageress, who says: “We have nominated Sam as he has dug deep in our toughest months to help keep our shops running and any challenge we've given to him he has taken in his stride. He always tries to push the business forward for us and from the beginning he’s been keen to learn and has always asked questions. While the chefs were cooking and cutting fish, he was watching and learning and this has enabled him to step up to cooking when have been short on staff. We are very proud of Sam and the team.” 

How long have you worked at The Village Fish & Chips?

I started working for the Village Fish & Chips one and a half years now. I was helping out a friend’s takeaway, when I saw the position here advertised. I needed more hours as my friend could only offer me Friday and Saturday nights. I went for the interview and trial and got the job.

What are your responsibilities?

I do a bit of everything, from cutting fish and preparing salads to cooking and laying the tables. I like to come in early in the morning a good few hours before the shop opens and start prepping for the day ahead as it can get very busy so it’s best to be ready.

What’s your favourite part of the job?  

My favourite part of the job is cooking food for customers and getting to know my customers. For many of them I now know exactly what they will order before they say anything, so that connection means a lot to me. I also really enjoy seeing their reaction when they taste a lovely portion of our fish and chips.

What's your least favourite part of the job?

I love all of it but I do sometimes sigh when it’s been a long day, it’s 9 o’clock, we’re about to close and then a customer comes in because it means it’s going to be another seven to eight minutes before their food is ready and we can close. But they are a paying customer and we don’t like to disappoint them.

What is it that you like about working at The Village Fish & Chips? 

I feel my bosses are not like normal bosses, they are my friends and my family and, likewise, I think they see me in the same way. They treat all of our staff with the upmost respect and I feel this is the key to a successful business. So I would say that’s what I like most, how we all work together.

How do you feel about being nominated as an unsung hero?

I feel very proud of myself and our whole team, I don’t find it hard doing what I am doing because my colleagues and bosses make it a pleasure to work with them, bringing the shop forward and pushing on and on.

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