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Unsung hero

Name: Paul Eden

Job title: Manager

At: Hodgson’s Chippy, Lancaster

Age: 37

Nominated by Nigel Hodgson, owner, who says:Paul has been a huge part of our lives for 20 years, so to not nominate Paul after his loyalty and passion at Hodgson’s would feel very wrong. Paul joined us back in 2004 when he had a head full of hair and baby facial-whiskers - a complete contrast to today’s appearance! Paul’s dedication and pride at work is superb and, despite me expecting perfection on a daily basis, he knows how to deliver this consistently. Plus, if I am to be honest, my wife Linda adores Paul so if I was to have an issue with him I’d have one with her too!

How long have you worked at Hodgson’s?

I’ve worked at Hodgson’s for 15 years now. I had known Nigel and Linda for a while before I started working at the shop and my time at my previous job was coming to an end, so I think the idea of working at the chippy came about when Nigel and I were having a beer one night.

All my training was done in house and I have been privileged to learn from Nigel as you can’t get better than being trained by a Young Fish Frier of the Year winner.

His passion rubbed off on me and my desire to follow in his footsteps ultimately paid off when I was crowned Young Fish Frier of the Year in 2005. I was also an integral part of the team when Hodgson’s won National Fish & Chip Shop of the Year.

What are your responsibilities?

The overall day-to-day running of the shop from managing the staff to all aspects of prep work, ordering stock, keeping the shop spotlessly clean, giving the best customer service and producing the highest quality product.

Paul Eden (L) with Nigel Hodgson (R), owner of Hodgson's Chippy

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love interacting with the customers, both our loyal regulars and new ones. We become part of our customers’ lives in a way and I take pride in providing them with a good quality sustainable meal time and again.

What is your least favourite part of the job?

If a mistake has been made with a customer’s order, whether it’s my error or another member of staff, I do take it to heart when a customer has not received our best. Mistakes can happen, but what I always believe is important is how I then resolve that for the customer and how we learn from it. This is a vital part of being the shop manager.

What is it you like about working at Hodgson’s?

I do not dread coming into work at all, I am lucky in that I love what I do. I work in a happy environment, which is down to Nigel, Linda and all the staff making a fantastic team that has achieved so much over the years.

How do you feel about being nominated as a unsung hero?

I am very proud to have been nominated as an unsung hero. I don’t really see myself as an unsung hero, but simply someone who enjoys their work and tries to do their best day in, day out.

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