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Unsung Hero..

Name: Holly Weatherill (AKA Holly Pops!)

Job title: Cashier

At: Land & Sea, Sowerby, Near Thirsk, North Yorkshire

Age: 10

Nominated by: Craig Weatherill, owner, who says: “Holly is my daughter she is always eager to learn, willing to help anybody and loves getting up early ready to work in the shop in the holidays and weekends."

How long have you worked at Land & Sea?

I have worked alongside the four girls my dad employs for nearly two years now. I work most Saturdays doing both lunchtime shifts and then the evening shift.

What are your responsibilities?

I help out in the mornings, firstly doing the gravy and curry pans, which I taste test to make sure they are up to our award-winning standards! Then it’s off to the potato room I go doing the heavy work, rumbling and chipping ready for the 11:30am opening. I also stock the pop fridge and serve customers.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Serving customers and operating the till.

What’s your least favourite part of the job?

Washing up!

What is it that you like about working at Land & Sea?

I love working with the girls, who are known as the “Chip Shop Gang”. We all work very hard as a team and the atmosphere is buzzing, which the customers love! 

How do you feel about being nominated as an unsung hero?

I’m very proud to be nominated and I love working with my daddy in the chip shop whenever I can, and I really enjoy interacting with the customers. 

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