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Valentine discounts all table top fryers

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Valentine Equipment has announced an 8% discount on its full range of table top fryers detailed in the new Valentine 2019 Price Book.

The price drop follows a series of efficiency drives in the production factory from its Swiss manufacturer Valentine Fabrique.

Steve Elliott, sales director for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip, comments: ”The company has focussed on making its production methods leaner, saving on materials and labour to reduce costs and has passed those savings to us, so we can reduce the price we charge our customers in the UK and Ireland for table top fryers.”

The discount comes as Valentine introduces a new slimline table top fryer, the TF5. As with its other table top models, the TF5 comes with the standard Valentine parts and labour warranty of three years, plus a three year warranty on the pans.

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