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Van to village

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Celebrating 38 years this year serving meals to households throughout the Yorkshire Dales, Richard and Pauline Ramsay share their top ten tips to running a successful mobile fish and chips round

1. Buy the best raw ingredients and never cut corners.

2. Build strong relationships with suppliers.

3. Create a menu that is simple and caters for your customers - adding too much is a headache waiting to happen.

4. Set clear times for each visit and stick to them so people know to expect you.

5. Have a known contact from each village so if you are running late you can let people know.

6. Make people aware of what you will and won't do - people may expect you to do events, but this doesn't work for everyone.

7. A reputation is hard earned, give people plenty of notice before you go on holiday.

8. Commitment is essential, having a mobile is a lifestyle choice as well as a business.

9. Understand that you will need to invest time, money and resource into the business if it is to work.

10. Some people can be rude. It is up to you to remain professional and polite, even if it happens to be your first stop!

Ramsay's drives a set route Tuesday to Friday taking in 33 stops in villages across Swaledale, Wensleydale and Coverdaleon. Its most popular item is cod and chips costing £5.50.

“Working and living together has its challenges. There are sometimes that I look back and wonder how we have managed it, but the truth is, we wouldn’t know what else to do. We have regular customers in every village and there are some real characters. I think we will celebrate with a bottle of fizz and of course – a fish supper, curry and peas!” Pauline Ramsay

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