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Vegan sausage roll wins top taste award

A vegan sausage roll from ARYZTA Food Solutions has been recognised by some of the most demanding palates in the industry, scooping a highly coveted Great Taste Award.

The on-the-go savoury was blind taste tested by members of the Guild of Fine Food and rigorously judged on texture, appearance, quality of ingredients, overall presentation and above all, taste. Judges commented on the product’s “wonderful homemade appearance” and “lovely herby aroma, with a good hearty bite and plenty of filling”. One judge even commented that if he hadn't been told it was vegan he would have assumed it was a meat sausage roll!

The product, launched in January, includes a filling of onion, wheat protein, garlic and mushrooms, seasoned with rosemary, thyme and oregano, wrapped in golden flaky puff pastry and lightly topped with parsley.

The frozen sausage roll is one of a number of items from ARYZTA Food Solutions’ vegan range, which also includes cakes and croissants. The products aim to help take the fear factor out of catering for this growing diner demographic, allowing operators to tap into the growth in veganism, a market that has increased by 350% in the last decade.

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