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Wagamama launches vegan fish and chips

High street chain Wagamama has added a Japanese inspired take on fish and chips to its menu to mark Veganuary.

Tempura F-ish + Bang Bang Yaki-imo is made from a mix of soy, rice and pea protein to give the taste and flaky texture of fish and a light coating of tempura batter. It is served alongside Wagamama's equivalent of chips - roast sweet potato chunks and red onion, coated in its signature firecracker sauce. Smashed minty edamame beans replace mushy peas while katsu curry sauce and waga tartare with Japanese pickles, chillies and a wedge of lemon finish the dish.

Tempura F-ish and Bang Bang Yaki Imo is served on mocked up newspaper and costs £12.95. It is available in restaurant, on Deliveroo and through click and collect for just one month only at all UK restaurants, excluding Northern Ireland.

Wagamama says every year it sees an increasing number of people giving vegan dishes a go and now just under 20% of its guests choose to go plant-based.

About its new dish, Wagamama’s global head chef Steve Mangleshot said: “Tempura F-ish and Bang Bang Yaki Imo brings the vibrant flavours of Asia to a classic every Brit knows and loves. We wanted to both surprise and delight our vegan fans, while also empowering our meat-loving guests to give plants a go this Veganuary.

“For us, it will always be about creating incredible soulful dishes, which happen to be plant-based – meaning, we aim for our vegan dishes to excite every guest no matter their dietary preferences.”

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