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Welsh government pledges further £30m for hospitality

The Welsh government has pledged a further £30 million for hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses affected by ongoing coronavirus restrictions, plus an additional £150 million in grants if restrictions are extended on March 12th.

The latest round of the Welsh Government’s Economic Resilience Fund will see £30m of targeted support being made available to support hospitality businesses employing 10 or more staff with the aim of protecting as many jobs as possible.

A further £150m of support could be made available for businesses paying non-domestic rates should restrictions be extended at the next coronavirus review on 12th March. This will see hospitality, tourism, leisure and non-essential retail sectors receiving an additional payment of up to £5,000, regardless of the number of employees they have.

Commenting on the announcement, minister for finance Rebecca Evans said: “The pandemic has had a disproportionate effect on the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors and the people it employs.

“This new fund, and our provision of additional funding should restrictions be extended, responds to the latest phase of the pandemic and signifies our continued commitment to the sector, helping them to survive the toughest of times until they are in a position to safely reopen their doors again.”

From today, hospitality businesses can access an eligibility checker and calculator on the Business Wales website.

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