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Win £250 in Amazon gift vouchers

Would you give one minute of your time to potentially win £250?

Launching the 1st June 2019, the fish and chip shop Industry is being given the chance to speak their mind. It can sometimes seem like companies don’t listen to the consumers, but now is your chance to let them know what you really think and win £250 for doing so.

A feedback survey is being launched anonymously to ask customers what they look for from their suppliers. The three questions are designed to learn more about where people go to search for new products, what things are considered when buying a new product and how the supplier reputation and ethos effect purchasing choices.

This can all be answered anonymously if you would prefer, but if you want the chance to win £250 worth of Amazon gift vouchers then you are asked to give your name, company name and email address so you can be contacted if you have won the prize draw!

FRY Magazine will be running adverts for this survey prize draw throughout June

so don’t miss out, it is only open for one month and then it is gone.

You can click though to enter on the Survey Monkey page using the link

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