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Working hand in hand

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

ProFry's Paul Newbold explains how adding a mobile fish and chip van to your business can help improve the running costs of your fish and chip shop

For those of you who own a fish and chip shop, you may be wondering how you can expand your business while increasing your profit margins. We regularly hear and see shop owners talk about how slim their profit margins are and, unfortunately, we have seen a number of shops go up for sale or stating how, with increasing product prices, they are struggling to make ends meet. Well we have the perfect solution for you.

Each and every shop owner will have to pay staff to prep and clean before opening hours. This may be a few hours pay just to get your shop ready, which is eating away into your well-deserved profits. We will show you how adding a mobile fish and chip van to your company will help improve the efficiency of production time.

While you or your staff are prepping for your shop, you will also be able to prep all the food needed for your van. The same goes with cleaning, no need to employ more staff to clean a van, once the shop has been cleaned, move onto the van ready for the day’s work. The perk with having another area of business to sell pre-prepped food is you will also reduce your overall waste, as you are able to reach a wider customer base and make use of any other food you may have that needs using, which you previously wouldn’t have been able to sell all of in your shop alone.

We would hope all you shop owners are filtering your frying pans, put that filter to use without spending on another and filter your mobile fish and chip van - talk about killing two birds with one stone!

A mobile fish and chip van only needs two members of staff to complete a village round, already saving on the number of staff needed to have a successful income. The beauty with this is you have your shop and van already cleaned and prepped in the morning by the designated staff members, so it’s ready to start earning money at lunch and evening time, improving your profit margins vastly!

We have witnessed the success of running both a shop and van with many of our customers. We get asked on a regular basis how running a van with a shop will help. This isn’t a case of getting rid of your shop to have a mobile fish and chip van but running both alongside one another. It’s so rewarding to see the success of these individuals and how they are still able to continue to expand all thanks to the improvements made by offering customers both options, as well as making your business and staff work in the most efficient way to improve company profits and growth.

If you would like more information on how running a mobile fish and chip van alongside a shop will help improve your businesses future, then please get in contact with us on 01778342915 or visit

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