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Young’s serves up Seafood Week suggestions

Young’s Foodservice has developed a range of new recipes to inspire friers ahead of Seafood Week (4th to 11th October 2019).

Run by Seafish, the annual campaign aims to get more people to eat more fish, more often, especially in light of recent research that reveals 72% of UK adults are not aware of the recommendation to eat two portions of fish a week.

With its new recipes, Young’s Foodservice wants to encourage operators to serve more fish and experiment, so that everyone can reap the nutritional benefits that it provides.

The recipes showcase just how versatile seafood is and how it can be presented in different ways on a menu to appeal to all ages. They range from simple twists that elevate classic favourites, such as fish fingers with stuffed peppers or haddock with fritters and beans, to more adventurous dishes, such as a fish ramen bowl. Meanwhile, for consumers who aren’t as adventurous when it comes to seafood, Young’s recommends its Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish burger made with wild Alaska pollock and coated in a crisp bubbly batter.

Adrian Greaves, foodservice director at Young’s Foodservice says: “At Young’s Foodservice, our biggest priority is to promote seafood as one of the healthiest, convenient, cost effective and delicious proteins around. Seafood Week is the perfect opportunity for us to urge operators to serve more seafood and relay the benefits to their customer base. We hope that our new recipes help to inspire operators to be more adventurous with their menus and recognise just how versatile seafood is. It is down to everyone in the industry to come together and do want they can to encourage more seafood on menus.”

To access the recipes, click here.

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